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Technology Plan Information

  • Peri Nelson-Sukert (pnelson@oswegoboces.org) and Dan Rupert (drupert@oswegoboces.org) can assist districts with questions for the NYS Instructional Technology Plan Survey. This may be of great help with Sections E, F, I, and J of the Survey. 

    Plans are due to the RIC by 16.October.2015 via the NYSED Portal
    The District Superintendent must grant specific permissions before you can access the Survey on the NYSED Portal.


    Other information available to assist with the NYS ITP includes:

    Survey Questions PDF File | DOCX File

    RIC Reviewer Checklist PDF File | DOCX File

    Instructional Technology Plan Survey CiTi Support DOCX File - Shared at CIC Meeting on 12.June.2015

    NYS Instructional Technology Plan Survey PPTX File - shown at CIC Meeting on 12.June.2015

    NYSED.gov page for ITP