Lead Evaluator Training & Support

  • The ISS Team supports district leaders with training for effective implementation of the APPR, including the evaluation process.


    Initial Lead Evaluator Training:

    This training covers six of the nine areas of training which are prerequisite for new evaluators to meet the requirements of initial lead evaluator status.  This training focuses on the New York State Teaching Standards; Common Core Learning Standards; the ISLLC standards for administrators; APPR regulations including HEDI and SLO’s; SIRS; recognizing distinctions when observing teachers of students with disabilities and ELL students; the State’s methodology in determining student growth scores; and general information regarding strategies for the collection of evidence in the observation process.  Participants will still require rubric and assessment training that is specific to their school district to meet the nine areas of required training for initial lead evaluator status.   (In most cases in Oswego County, the component districts provide this training in-house).

    This training is most appropriate for those individuals who have never been appointed as lead evaluators. This training is not required on a yearly basis, but rather is a one-time requirement unless additional support is needed in a particular area.

    Lead Evaluator Recertification Training:

    This training, which is most appropriate for evaluators who have had experience with the evaluation process, offers the opportunity for lead evaluators to reflect upon and improve their practice.  Major aspects of this training include establishing and maintaining credibility as an evaluator; listening and conversational skills; growth-producing feedback and inter-rater reliability. 

    We can also customize recertification training for district-specific needs. Please contact us for more information. You may also view our calendar or MYLearningPlan catalog for training dates. 

  • Re-Certification training for administrators

    • please contact ssilliman@citiboces.org to express interest in this training.
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