Comprehensive Planning & Auditing

  • Comprehensive Planning:
    So you have to write a plan? Maybe it's a Quality Improvement Plan, CDIP, SCEP or CDEP. Perhaps your plan is already written or you have just been identified to write a Local Assistance Plan. No matter where you are in the process, the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation ISS Team can assist you.
    All good planning begins with a team of stakeholders. Typically, you need representation from the following groups: district level, building level, instructional specialists, content/grade levels, paraprofessionals, and bargaining units. Many plans also require parent representation.
    Through a structured process, we will help your team take a look at the core of high quality planning, data driven decision making, matching strategic actions to identified needs, aligning all the plans with the core of the district, and designing on-going monitoring and program evaluation. Please contact us for further information and support.
    Instructional Audits: 
    Before we set goals or create action plans, it is essential that we have a good baseline of data which can be examined and from which conclusions can be drawn regarding the current state of affairs. This data should be gathered from multiple sources including demographics, perception, student achievement and school processes. Or perhaps you are questioning the effectiveness of a current or newly adopted practice. 
    Let us help you with this process. What needs to be examined? What is the scope of the study? What multiple data points will give you the most accurate, unbiased picture of what is happening? Our team will work with you to define the questions, collect the data, examine the results, focus the lens and make recommendations.
    Please contact us for more information and to plan support for your audit. 
    Possible Audits: 
    Module ImplementationAIS/RTI Programs
    CCLS Shift Implementation in Content AreasSWD/ED or Other Subgroup Studies
    Data Drive CultureGraduation Rates
    21st Century LearningCollege & Career Readiness
    Leadership Capacity   APPR Implementation
    Instructional Coaching ProgramsProfessional Development Plans
    Grading & Assessment SystemsCulture & Safety Initiatives