• MinecraftEdu is based off the popular Minecraft game by Mojang AB. This game allows children to construct maps and buildings, create worlds, collaborate with others, and solve problems and other challenges. MinecraftEdu can easily be integrated into any subject area and aligns with many Common Core Mathematics and ELA Learning Standards, as well as the new Next Generation Science Standards.

    Examples of using Minecraft include, but certainly are not limited to, students:

    • Creating, reconstructing/modeling, and/or exploring real life buildings or locations
    • Practicing area, volume, ratio and proportion problems
    • Acting out scenes from a book or script
    • Establishing a community and working together for wilderness survival

    In addition, with “mods” such as ComputerCraftEdu, students can also explore the world of programming with robots within the Minecraft realm. For instance, you can program robots to cycle through multiple, repetitive functions to build a long bridge across an extra-wide body of water.

    MinecraftEdu allows for local hosting of the game on a district-housed server. This allows teacher control of some game components, such as locally creating and storing worlds, monitoring cross-chat, deploying monsters, and instantly freezing gameplay.

    ITS: Model Schools has the ability to loan schools up to 25 Minecraft licenses; however, districts must purchase their own Minecraft Server License(s).

    If you are interested in borrowing any instructional technology equipment, please contact Peri Nelson-Sukert.

    Some Resources for MinecraftEdu: