Strengthening Teaching and Leader Effectiveness

  • CiTi received a “Strengthening Teacher and Leader Effectiveness” grant in the amount of $898,375 from the New York State Education Department.  This grant is funded through New York’s federal Race to the Top grant.  The overarching purpose of this grant is to develop and implement a career ladder as part of a comprehensive systems approach to recruitment, development, support, retention and equitable distribution of effective teachers and school leaders as part of their implementation of the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) system. Using this approach will allow districts to use data from the Teacher and Leader Effectiveness (TLE) continuum, including the new educator evaluation system and the career ladder, to continuously improve their ability to meet their needs for effective educators. 

     The New York State Education Department (NYSED) recognizes that the APPR system will have more beneficial effects if it is implemented in ways that support recruitment, development, and retention of effective educators.  Doing so involves numerous activities beyond the technical completion of APPR negotiations and the implementation of annual educator ratings.  This grant intends to help applicants integrate APPR into a coherent system of support for educators throughout their careers by developing, implementing and/or enhancing a career ladder to ensure districts and/or public charter schools can continuously meet the needs of schools and students by having, retaining and professionally developing effective educators.

    CiTi will work with three component school districts, Hannibal Central School District, Oswego City School District and Phoenix Central School District in developing Teacher and Principal Career Ladders for their districts. This initiative proposes a three-tiered Career Ladder for Teachers and Principals: Novice Teacher/Principal, Professional Teacher/Principal, and Teacher/Principal Leader. The purpose of our proposed Career Ladder Program is to support our districts’ missions by: improving student achievement through teaching excellence, encouraging and promoting effective teacher performance, providing an avenue of advancement for teachers, attracting and retaining effective teachers, and compensating teachers/principals for their extra duties and obligations.

     Teachers and Principals will receive training, preparation, and on-going support. Professional development activities for Teachers and Principals will focus on data driven instruction,professional learning communities, instruction skills and leadership. District officials will engage teachers/principals in dialogue regarding the district’s distribution status and needs and, to the extent possible, spark interest and create opportunities for teachers to learn more about their options for transferring to the schools and classes where their impact would be greatest. This initiative will help build capacity among teachers and ensuring Highly Effective/Effective teachers are represented across grades that access to rigor curriculum for all students.


    The overall goals of the initiative are:

    • Develop and Implement Career Ladders to support recruitment, retention, development, and retention of effective Teachers and Principals.
    • Retention of highly effective and/or effective educators in schools or districts
    • Extend the reach of a highly effective and/or effective educator to more students through new models of classroom organization
    • Ensure that highly effective and/or effective teachers are contributing to curriculum development, and assessment design on school, district or state teams
    • Develop fiscal sustainability for the principal and teacher performance growth system by leveraging district resources, federal, state, and private funds.

    Districts that make up the consortium:

          • Hannibal Central School District

          • Oswego City School District

          • Phoenix Central School District