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  • Oswego County SLS Council By-Laws

     Article I Name and Authority of the Council

     Section 1

    The name of the organization governed by these by-laws is Oswego County School Library System Council (The SLS Council).

     Section 2

    The SLS Council is governed by Section 282 of the New York State Education Law, The Rules of the Board of Regents, the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education and these By-Laws.

     Article II Objectives

    1. The SLS Council, with the governing board of CiTi, is responsible for development of the School Library System’s Plan of Service.
    2. The SLS Council will monitor implementation of the Plan of Service
    3. The SLS Council will provide advice to the staff of the Oswego County School Library System on matters relating to policy and program.
    4. The SLS Council will make recommendations to the CiTi Board of Education for the filling of vacancies on the Council.

     Article III Membership

     Section 1: Representation

    1. The Council shall number 10 voting members.
    2. Each school district shall have one representative on the Council. There shall be one representative from the Parochial Schools, one from the North Country Reference & Research Resources Council, one from the Public Library System, and one from the Academic Libraries.
    3. The School Library System Director and Assistant shall be non-voting members of the Council.
    4. Every effort shall be made to solicit members from the following groups within the school districts: administrators, elementary school library media specialists, secondary school library media specialists, teachers, parents and students, professional development specialist and tech specialists.
    5. All members shall be regarded as equals despite differences in the size of the districts represented.

     Section 2: Term of Office

    1. Each member shall serve for a term of three years. Members may serve a second consecutive term.
    2. Members of the Council shall serve as three-year term, the terms to be staggered so that one-third of the members of the council shall be appointed each year.
    3. Members who miss more than three consecutive meetings will be considered as having resigned and a new member will be appointed.
    4. Vacancies shall be filled by invitation of the Council and the Director with recommendations taken from Council members and the Communications Coordinators.
    5. Every attempt will be made to fill vacancies within a six-month time frame.
    6. Membership shall be confirmed by the BOCES governing board.


     Section 1: Definition of council officers.

    The officers of the SLS Council shall consist of a Chair and a Vice Chair.

     Section 2: Election of the Council Officers

    Both officers will be elected by the Council members. A ballot will be emailed to all Council members no later than ten days prior to the election

     Section 3: Duties of the Council Chair

    Prepare agendas for Council meetings with the SLS Director

    Conduct the Council Meetings.

    Facilitate discussions.

    Organize committees on an as needed basis.

     Section 4: Duties of the Vice-Council Chair

    Assume the duties of the Council Chair in the event that the Council Chair becomes vacant.

    Assume facilitation of meetings in the absence of the Council Chair.

     Article V: Meetings

     Section 1 Meetings

    The Council shall meet at least four times per year. One of these meeting shall be a joint meeting with the Communications Coordinators.  The dates of the SLS Council meetings shall be set by the director.

     Section 2 Attendance:

    Members should be prepared to mark these dates on their calendars. Every effort will be made to hold meetings during months where travel is less hazardous.

     Article VI: Quorum

     Section 1 Definition

    A quorum is the number of members necessary to pass motions and conduct business. A quorum of the council shall be considered to be six members of the appointed members of the Council. In absence of a quorum, an electronic vote will take place.

     Section 2 Voting

    Each member shall have one vote. A quorum is required for voting purposes. If a quorum of 6 is not present, the motion will be emailed to the entire council for an electronic vote.

    Section 8: Amendments to the By-Laws

    Amendments to the bylaws will be approved when quorum (6 members) of the Council is in agreement, or by email as stated above.

    Revised January, 2015


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