Presentation Topics

  • Modification of topics for presentation, length of presentations, and targeted audience are flexible based on the request of the school district.  If you have any questions regarding these specific presentations or would like more information on scheduling a presentation during the school year or summer, please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Helpful Tips on Reading Audiology Reports & Recommendations

    Presentation for administrators, CSE chairpersons, and 504 chairpersons-will address tips on reading audiology referrals/reports from private audiological evaluations and/or private medical evaluations related to hearing loss, (central) auditory processing disorders, cochlear implants, BAHA (bone-anchored hearing aids), and middle/inner ear disease. Private audiological reports often discuss specific medical terminology and diagnostic test procedures-time can be spent on what information is helpful to look at when a report is received and information on how to determine which recommendations are appropriate or if there is a need for further evaluation.

    APPR: Classroom Learning Environment

    Presentation will focus on the classroom environment and improving classroom acoustics for all students-participants will gain knowledge and tips for creating a listening and learning environment for improving students’ access to the curriculum, participants will gain knowledge about working with specialized populations-autism, hard of hearing, central auditory processing disorders, and ADD/ADHD. Participants will gain knowledge about hearing aids and FM systems/Hearing assistive technology in a busy classroom.

    (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder: A Team Approach               

    Presentation will focus on brief overview of roles/responsibilities of the educational audiologist, proper referral criteria for (C)APD, recommended tests for further assessment, behavior characteristics, helpful tips for school district when private (C)APD report is received.

    (C)APD: Assessment and Recommendations for the SLP and School Psychologist

    Detailed review of behavioral characteristics and test findings noted in speech/language and cognitive/achievement testing with students with (C)APD, detailed review of good referrals for (C)APD testing, recommendations for working with students with(C)APD, detailed definition of the specific profiles of (C)APD and management strategies, and management of (C)APD at the universal, targeted, and individualized level.

    Where Do We Go From HEAR?

    Presentation will focus on students with hearing loss, levels of hearing loss, educational impact of hearing loss, cochlear implants, BAHA, hearing aids, hearing assistive technology, FM systems, helpful tips on reading reports from private evaluations, roles/responsibilities of educational audiologist, teacher of the deaf/hard of hearing, and educational interpreter.

    School Nurses (Assessment/Referrals) 

    Focus on improving students’ hearing screenings, prevalence of middle ear infections/educational impact of chronic middle ear fluid, helpful tips on reading referrals/reports from private evaluations, failed hearing screenings.

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