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    Student Interviews

    Interviews of students who have applied to the Oswego County P-TECH School will take place in early April.  Interview teams will consist of educators and industry partners who will visit each middle school to meet with students at their school.  The interviews will last approximately twenty minutes and will give students an opportunity to share a different side and perspective of themselves than their written applications. Interview time slots will be coordinated with each district's Counselor. 

    Students will be asked about their most and least favorite subjects in school, why they are interested in P-TECH, their thoughts on redesigning the school day, and their career aspirations.  Students will also be asked about how they work with others, how peers and teachers describe them, and what they would change about their middle school years if they could.

    Once interviews are completed, all information from the entire application package will be reviewed, and fifty students will be selected to enroll in the school.  Letters will be sent home to all applicants in early May with additional directions about accepting the invitation to enroll.




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