Camp Hollis Kids

  • Welcome to the Camp Hollis page! Camp Hollis provides a summer program for students with hearing loss where they can continue honing their academic skills as well as allowing them to enjoy the fun of summer camp on the lake! This summer the students became journalists, coming up with questions for their peers and interviewing them before putting everything together for this page. This allowed them to practice creative thinking, using their assistive technology, and implementing communication strategies. Here's what our kids had to say about life with hearing loss:

  • Our Students:

    • Alexa (age 8) attends New Haven Elementary and wears bilateral hearing aids.
    • Colin (age 12) attends Fulton Jr. High and wears bilateral hearing aids.
    • Callie (age 12) attends Solvay Middle School and has a cochlear implant.
    • Henry (age 11) attends Fairgrieve School and wears bilateral hearing aids.
    • Kennedy (age 12) attends Volney Elementary School and wears bilateral hearing aids.
  • When did you get your hearing aids or cochlear implant?

    • Alexa: Five years ago
    • Colin: Sometime before kindergarten
    • Callie: I got my implant when I was four years old
    • Henry: I was 2 years old
    • Kennedy: Three years old

    Why do you have hearing aids or a cochlear implant?

    • Alexa: They help me to hear better
    • Colin: To hear better
    • Callie: I don't know, because I'm deaf
    • Henry: I was born deaf
    • Kennedy: Because I was born deaf

    What did you think the first time you got your hearing aids or cochlear implant?

    • Alexa: I don't remember
    • Colin: I don't remember
    • Callie: It was annoying
    • Henry: I thought it was cool
    • Kennedy: They were LOUD

    What sports do you like? Do you wear your hearing aid or cochlear implant when you play sports?

    • Alexa: I like basketball. I wear them when I play.
    • Colin: Baseball, yes I wear them.
    • Callie: I like soccer. Yep, I wear it but not in softball.
    • Henry: I like to play wrestling.
    • Kennedy: Soccer. I take out my hearing aids when I play soccer.
  • What do you do when your hearing aids or cochlear implant stop(s) working?

    • Alexa: Put in a new battery or take them off.
    • Colin: Ask for people to be quieter and change to  a new battery.
    • Callie: Take it off and change the battery.
    • Henry: I will ask a teacher.
    • Kennedy: I ask mom for help. I change the battery myself.

    Do you have any friends with hearing loss or any deaf friends?

    • Alexa: Yes
    • Colin: Yes
    • Callie: Yep
    • Henry: I have many deaf friends.
    • Kennedy: My friend Hunter

    What do you like to do at home?

    • Alexa: I like swimming, watching TV, and playing inside with Minecraft and ponies.
    • Colin: I like swimming and riding my bike
    • Callie: Swim and play games on my iPod
    • Henry: I like to play XBOX and ride my bike
    • Kennedy: Go play soccer outside with my brother, Zayne