• Emergency Management

    Incidents can happen at any time. CiTi uses a multi-hazard approach to determine the best way to handle various incidents that can impact the CiTi campuses. In preparation for these events, 12 drills are conducted throughout the year, which allow the CiTi students and staff to practice protocols that might be used in the event of a real incident.  


    There are 5 different response actions that are used:

    • Shelter-In-Place

    Shelter-In-Place can be used for weather emergencies, radiological events, building structure hazards, or even a hazardous spill outside of the building, etc.

    • Hold-In-Place

    Hold-In-Place is used when a short-term event is happening. These would include a medical emergency, fight in the building, water spill in an area of the building, etc.

    • Evacuation

    Evacuation is essentially the moving from one location to another location due to a fire in a building, a weather event, a structural issue, etc.

    • Lockout

    Lockout is used to secure school buildings from some type of threat outside of the building. This response action can be used if there is some type of activity in the school vicinity or in the community that requires an elevated awareness in security.

    • Lockdown

    Lockdown is only used as a response action if there is an immediate threat inside of the school building.