Arts in Education Virtual Opportunities
  • The Engagement Library                    

    Dave Ruch

    Dave Ruch

    The Engagement Library

    11 full-length, interactive video recordings of themed school assembly programs for preK-8 along with 38 shorter "snackable" videos searchable by topic and curriculum area. Topics include World Cultures (3rd grade), Haudenosaunee/Iroquois music and culture (4th grade), Colonial America, Westward Expansion, Neighborhoods and Communities, Regions of the US in Song, Immigration to America, preK-K singalong and more.

  • Private Drum Set Lessons (Online)

    Kayleigh Moyer

    One-on-one Drum Set instruction for students with a passion for drumming! Taught by a professional drummer in Nashville, TN (originally from CNY.) Available to teach over FaceTime and Skype. All your student needs is a drum set, a phone/tablet/computer with an internet connection, and a passion for learning. All skill levels. 

     Kayleigh Moyer

  • Ndakinna Education Center

    Ndakinna Education Center

    Daily livestreams free, $400 for Individualized virtual visits (1 hour)

    After performing at over 1000 schools nationwide, the NYC based dancers bring their live show online, using music, dance and testimonials to convey their message of respect, responsibility and setting goals.

     Ndakinna Ed Center

  • Dumpster Doug - Virtual School Assembly

    Academic Entertainment, inc.

    Music Technology

    $795 or 2/$1195, AM/PM - $1590

    Dumpster Doug helps students discover the important role they play in protecting our natural resources!

    Dumpster Doug

  • Ages of Oz

    Gabriel Gale


    Ages of Oz


    Hi! We can do 4 different types of Programs for a younger to older audience... The following (1) and (2) are for a younger audience, while (3) and (4) is for an older audience.

    (1) AGES OF OZ: A Fiery Friendship and A Dark Descent
    Talk specifically about the 1st and 2nd books, including: • finding story inspiration • launching the brand with a 13-year-old Glinda • developing characters • the power of language • the book’s major social justice themes • 'Talk & Sketch,' where Gabe sketches a new mythical beast based on the audience's selection of five different animal parts - the way he created “The Queryor” OR a read aloud from A Fiery Friendship or A Dark Descent.
    (2) Fictional World Building
    How Gabe created the new magical world of Oz including characters like the five Wicked Witches, a mythical beast called The Queryor, characters that only have one leg, and characters that have wheels for hands and feet. Also discuss the special and magical cities and continents in which they live.
    (3) Feminism in Oz
    How America's fairy tale, The Wizard of Oz, was critically influenced by one of the original 19th century women's suffragists Matilda Joslyn Gage, who was L. Frank Baum’s mother-in-law.
    (4) Professional Development
    Securing top agents and book deals from top publishing companies, working with an editor and illustrator, outlining and writing a book series, launching and promoting a book series, and pitching Ages of Oz as a movie property in Hollywood.

    Ages of Oz