Arts in Education Virtual Opportunities
  • Champion of Choices

    Champion of Choices

    The Powerful Message About a Mother's Love

    “CHOICES!” ~ Production Saves and Changes Lives 

    Bullying, violence, substance abuse and suicide are top concerns among schools, students, parents and communities. We live in a society where the value of human life is not respected. Violence in video games, media, and new technologies has desensitized people – especially affecting our vulnerable youth population. Repeated emotional and physical abuse can tragically lead to suicide or have life-long consequences on an individual’s self-esteem and well-being. 

    But there is HOPE! The Champion of Choices powerful “CHOICES!” School Production helps students see life from a new perspective. Presented by former WWE Wrestling Champion Marc Mero, more than one million people have seen this program – described as life-changing and life saving! 

    Making a Positive Impact 

    Marc Mero’s compelling message evokes personal reflection, laughter and tears – and most importantly personal transformation as he presents the topics of bullying, peer pressure, substance abuse and suicide prevention. Students are reached at a “heart-level” and are inspired to treat themselves and others with respect, dream big, achieve goals, and cherish relationships. 

    Benefits of this Powerful Presentation: 

    • Students have HOPE for a brighter tomorrow      
    • School cultures are being transformed as students take a stand against bullying, drugs and peer pressure.                          
    • Students who are depressed, exhibit self-injurious behavior (cutting), or have suicidal thoughts are getting help
    • Young people are discovering their life passion, setting goals, and becoming the Champions they are destined to be!


  • Music Technology - Virtual School Assembly

    Academic Entertainment, inc.

    Music Technology

    $995 or 2/$1495, AM/PM $1990

    A unique blend of interactive, high energy music, information and humor. Brent creates an exciting, one-of-a-kind online, e-learning performance that will capture the imaginations of your students (and your faculty, too)!

    music Technolgy with Brent Daniels

  • Book Bingo                    

    Jennifer A. Nielsen

    Book Bingo!

    Book Bingo


    Students participate in reading and writing challenges to get five in a row on a Book Bingo card. Those who complete a card return it to me via email by May 15 to be entered in a drawing for a free Skype visit for their class (upon return to school or from home this spring) from one of fourteen participating authors. This is for all ages.

  • Become Your Captain. Catch Your Future

    Nick "Sunshine" Tokman

    Nick Tokman - Celebrity motivational speaker for schools & colleges

    $1000 for 1 keynote, $1500 for 2

    Nick Tokman, "Sunshine" on Discovery Channel's ‘Deadliest Catch,’ speaks nationally about building self-worth in students so they think for themselves and make the best decisions for their future.  He partners with schools to address common issues students face including peer pressure, high expectations from family and negative messages on social media. Through storytelling and visuals, he shares with students his path prior to becoming known as ‘Sunshine’ on the hit tv show, how he dealt with struggles that many teens and tweens go through and the mindset he developed to overcome his obstacles, mistakes and failures. After Nick's presentation, students will leave as the “captains” of their lives; focusing on what they want to do and not letting outside influences steer them off course. Having presented to crowds as large as 17,000 people and numerous student leadership organizations, students will leave remembering these lessons in an entertaining and memorable way.

    Link will be custom for each presentation. Before I speak at your school, I'll need to be on the phone with your staff for an hour to get to know the school, the students and the message you really would like to hear so I can be most effective.

    Nick Tokman

  • J-LINE Dance Crew Anti Bullying Assembly

    J-LIne Dance Crew


    After performing at over 1000 schools nationwide, the NYC based dancers bring their live show online, using music, dance and testimonials to convey their message of respect, responsibility and setting goals.

     JLine Dance Crew

  • Orchestra and Drumline workshops

    Reignite: Tim Kampen, Kayleigh Moyer, Samuel Brock

    Reignite Education


    Reignite provides workshops to orchestras and bands across the U.S. In addition to virtual workshops that teach modern techniques to string students and drummers, we offer private lessons and sectionals/masterclasses for sections (violin, viola, cello, bass, drumline, and drumkit).

     Reignite Music