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March 23rd from 9am - 12pm

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  • What is the Remix?

    The Remix is a 3rd and 4th grade general music festival. This day is designed to bring fun, enriching, hands-on experience for the general elementary students throughout the CNY region. 


    What will my child do?

    Your student will get the chance to share in music experiences with students around the CNY region who are in the same grade range. They will be moving, singing, playing instruments, socializing, working collaboratively and more all lead by certified music teachers from around CNY.


    Do I have to stay?

    No you are not required to stay; however, we invite you to stay and enjoy the day with us, to watch and/or participate in the experience with your student. 


    When does registration close?

    Registration closes the day of the event; however, for your student to receive a t-shirt, registrations must be completed by Wednesday, March 6th. If a district is processing student payments, registration must be in by Friday March 15th.


    Does my student have to be in a school performing ensemble to participate?

    No. This event is for any child who would like to participate in making music in 3rd and 4th grade. There are no restrictions on their involvement in a school music program.


    Is it required to include my child’s music teacher?

    On the registration form, there is a section to include your child’s music teacher email address. This will notify the teacher that the student has chosen to participate in the festival. If you cannot find the teacher email address, you may still submit a registration form.


    Is there a final performance?

    Partially. At the end of the experience, the students will come together in the gymnasium and do one last music activity as a full group. This will be our culminating event.  We invite you as the parent to be able to experience that fun with us as we  celebrate the day!


    Will my child be fed?

    A snack and water bottle will be provided for the child that day. We will not be serving a full meal at this event and please do not send students with a lunch.


    What is my child supposed to wear?

    Comfortable clothes they can move and play in. Students will receive their t-shirt that day and we invite them to wear it for the event! \


    Will there be transportation provided?

    Your home district will decide on transportation. Connect with your child’s music teacher as to how your child will get to the event.