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  • What is my responsibility as the music teacher?

    As the teacher, we ask that you pass along the information to your students and families, so that they may sign up. Please provide your email address to your families, so that you can receive an email to let you know what students sign up. We invite you to attend the day as well and receive professional development hours for the day by registering here.


    Do I have to attend the experience if I have a student sign up?

    No. Teachers are not required to attend, though we hope you will be able to participate and enjoy the experience. As stated, you can receive professional development hours by experiencing the sessions and seeing the lessons in action with your colleagues. Click here to register.


    Can I attend the day if I would like?

    Yes! We would love to have you there! Having you share in music making experiences with your students is a great connection and they would love that. You will have the ability to see lessons in action, assist if you’d like, and just experience great moments of music making!


    Would I be able to be a lead teacher of an experience?

    Yes! Please contact CJ Oliver at We would love to have teachers lead a session. Teachers will be compensated for their time through the CNY/OC Teacher Center. Lead teachers would be required to provide a lesson plan prior to the event so they can be used for the professional development experience.


    Can I run all my students' costs through Arts-in-Education?

    Yes! Teachers can submit their student registrations through their BOCES AIE service provider. Registration for Arts-in-Education will be March 15th, 2024. CiTi BOCES will provide you a list of students who have registered, so that you may submit that in your AiE request form. Students may register until the day of the event.


    Do I have to pay to attend?

    This event is free for teachers to attend!


    Will I get a tshirt?

    No. If you would like a t-shirt, please reach out prior to the event with your size and we will provide you the price for the t-shirt.