CiTi Students Participate in Insect Extravaganza

Students participating in the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation Summer School program at Lura Sharp Elementary School in Pulaski, experienced a unique activity with insects recently.


Linda Brosch, 4-H Team Coordinator with the Oswego County Cooperative Extension, brought her love of insects to the school and introduced the students to the amazing world in which these creatures live.


The day featured an in-class lesson about honeybees. One student dressed up as a bee to help his classmates learn the parts of insect anatomy. Another joined him in this endeavor and put on a pair of “bug” glasses to experience how an insect sees the world.


The students were able to handle the live insects themselves, and followed  Brosch outside for a bug “hunt!” The students used their own bug nets to catch various insects.


Fun was had by all as the nets were filled with grasshoppers, dragonflies, crickets and ladybugs. Once caught, the insects were placed inside viewing jars so the students could see them up close and personal. At the end of the day, all the insects were set free.


Boy dressed as bee.

Mason Shortsleeve dresses up to demonstrate insect anatomy.