Weston T. Hyde: Foundation for a Legacy

It all started with a spark. When a young and enthusiastic gentleman started his career as an educator in 1973, he saw a need. As an elementary teacher, he experienced it first-hand, and the spark ignited. As he advanced through the ranks within Oswego County to assistant principal, principal and then district superintendent, the spark grew bright. When Weston T. Hyde became the superintendent for Oswego County BOCES, he realized this need wasn’t just in one or two school districts. The spark ignited into a blazing fire of determination, one that would fuel a vision, a mission and a legacy.


Spending 30 years in the local education system gave Hyde both a personal and comprehensive view of a gap that existed within the education system and the community.


Recognizing that our teachers and students need and deserve more than what federal and state budgets can provide, Mr. Hyde worked with various volunteers and local agencies to advocate for the development of a non-profit organization that could open doors to new funding sources for the learning community. On November 7, 2002 that little spark officially grew into the Weston T. Hyde Oswego County Educational Foundation.


Through its mission, “to create new and enhance existing educational opportunities for Oswego County residents; to secure funding sources not currently available to BOCES and School Districts; and to build partnerships through incentives,” the organization has worked to provide educational success stories throughout Oswego County and beyond. By creating new funding sources, the foundation was able cultivate innovative teaching practices, get the community more in touch with the educational enterprise in the county and promote lifelong learning.


The Weston T. Hyde Oswego County Educational Foundation continues to thrive and provides local support for programs and activities such as scholarships, migrant education outreach, a strong partnership with the Literacy Coalition of Oswego County, grant writing assistance/administration and a partnership with the Oswego County Bar Association to provide a county-wide high school mock trial program.


Being entirely volunteer and donation driven, the success of the foundation remains a testament to the resilient dedication our community holds for the educational success of past, present and future generations.


Today, Hyde is enjoying his retirement years in sunny Florida with family, but still takes an active role in the foundation he worked so hard to create. Through his hard work and determination to giving back to the community he loves so much, he continues to carry on a legacy that shines for generations to come.


More information on the Weston T. Hyde Oswego County Educational Foundation can be found their website at www.westonthydefoundation.org.