Constellation Energy supports CiTi SkillsUSA

In support of both local education and continued creation of a local employment pipeline, Constellation Energy donated thousands of dollars to the CiTi SkillsUSA team for their future competitions.

A ceremony on Tuesday, May 9, featuring SkillsUSA students and leaders along with staff and administrators from Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation welcomed Constellation and touted the impact such a donation will have on the program. In total, Constellation donated $7,000 to the CiTi program and to other SkillsUSA programs in need.

“We’re here to support the youth in our local communities and as ambassadors we want to encourage future careers in clean energy,” said Tim Peter of Constellation. “That’s a part of what SkillsUSA is doing at CiTi BOCES and we’re just thrilled to be a part of that.”

CiTi’s Superintendent Christopher Todd and Director of College & Career Readiness Marla Berlin spoke during the ceremony, noting the district has a longstanding partnership with Constellation and thanking the organization for all they do to benefit student outcomes.

The SkillsUSA National High School Parliamentarian Hunter Claflin added that the work Constellation does directly impacts economic equality through workforce development.

“Your partnership with SkillsUSA will benefit not only students but also advisors,” said Claflin. “By contributing this grant to five SkillsUSA Chapters you are positively impacting the future of CTE across the states.”

Carl Christensen, the vice president of CiTi’s SkillsUSA chapter, spoke to the group about how much his time at SkillsUSA has impacted his skillsets, teamwork, communication and more.

“I’m sad to leave SkillsUSA as a graduating senior but I know Skills has given me a guide to have the best chance of success,” said Christensen. “This guide I will take with me into my career after high school, the U.S. Air Force.”

CiTi’s SkillsUSA team is advised by Ryan Wood and Savannah Zohler.

SkillsUSA donation Constellation