Artist inspires creative thinking

Teaching artist Ira Marcks gave an illustration workshop to Exceptional Education students from the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation recently.

Marcks works with libraries, museums and schools across New York State, providing workshops that inspire creativity and teach basic concepts of storytelling, drawing and design. His classes are for young people interested in drawing, comics, film making, graphic design and other forms of visual storytelling. 

Marcks implemented a “Comic Jam” first with the CiTi students, which involved working collaboratively and sharing ideas to develop comic strips. The following week they worked on a mural project.  

His website,, shares, “I’m always searching for ways to show people how the graphic arts are a powerful tool for communicating ideas.”

Marcks’ home-base, Tiger Trap Studio, is located in Troy, NY. His work has appeared in various national publications and comic anthologies. Marcks is Sandy Creek Central School District alum.