• Whether you know the acronym STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), STEAM (adding the Arts), or STREAM (adding Reading), the ultimate goal of STEAM education is to help prepare our children for 21st Century careers. Programming, critical thinking and logical reasoning, communication, inquiry, collaboration, mathematics, conceptual drawing, and creativity are some among the many proficiencies and skills children acquire through immersion in a STEAM curriculum.

    Our ITS: Model Schools staff can coach educators with STEAM integration strategies, help create innovative classrooms such as Maker Spaces, and lend equipment to help facilitate lessons. Once a teacher has worked with our staff, they are eligible to use our equipment in their home district (with administrator approval).

    If you are interested in training or borrowing any instructional technology equipment, please contact Peri Nelson-Sukert.

    If your school is interested in Summer Robotics Camp or LEGO League Competitions, please contact William Jones, CiTi Arts-in-Education Coordinator, for more information in opportunities through the Exploratory Enrichment CoSer.