Dignity For All Students Act

  • The ISS Department has three offerings available related to the Dignity For All Students Act and bullying prevention. Please see below for descriptions of these offerings.

    If you are interested, please see our link to the right for our calendar and registration link or contact us directly to plan your learning experience.

    Six-hour DASA Training Required for New York State Certification:

    As of January 1, 2014 New York State requires all individuals applying for certification to complete a six-hour course in DASA. This requirement applies to all New York State education-related certifications titles including teacher; teaching assistant; administration and coaching. (The coaching certification requirement applies to some, but not all coaches-coaches should speak with the state or their athletic director to determine if they need this course).

    The six-hour training will cover many topics including identifying the characteristics of the bully and the bullied; overview of DASA regulations; reporting requirements; understanding the distinction between conflict and bullying; brain research related to bullying and cyber-bullying; bias and its effect on reporting; and the role of each educator in bullying prevention.

    Yearly DASA Staff Update Training:

    New York State requires that all school employees receive refresher training in DASA each school year. This training opportunity can be customized for each school district based upon a menu of topics related to bullying awareness including: bullying identification; bullying prevention; bias; cyber bullying; school-wide climate and culture change and more. If interested, our trainer will meet with your school district representative to plan for their specific training needs. 

    Dignity Act Coordinator Training: 

    Dignity Act Coordinators play a vital role in setting the school-wide climate in relation to bullying prevention. DASA Coordinators; need to be well-prepared to manage the demands of this important position and this training will provide them with the tools to be successful DASA Coordinators. New York State defines the role of Dignity Act Coordinators to include the following duties: understanding and applying distinctive knowledge of the differences between conflict and bullying; developing a flow complaint process; making complaint mechanisms confidential and readily available to all students and parents; being able to provide strategies for the mitigation of bullying to include both the student who bullied and the victim; completing all mandatory reporting requirements and providing support and training to staff and students.  This training will typically includes two sessions: one session will introduce the required material and a second session will assist DASA coordinators in their implementation efforts. 

DASA Trainings

  • DASA 6hr Certification Training

    July 26th - 8:30 - 3:30 @ CiTi Phoenix Extension, 70 Co Rt 59, Phoenix  - Rm 120

    August 26th - 8:30 - 3:30 @ CiTi Phoenix Extension, 70 Co Rt 59, Phoenix - Rm 117


    DASA Coordinator Training

    August 16th - 8:30 - 3:30@ CiTi Phoenix Extension, 70 Co Rt 59, Phoenix -Rm 117


    DASA Coordinator - 3 hr Refresher

    August 28th - 8:30 - 11:30 @ CiTi Phoenix Extension, 70 Co Rt 59, Phoenix - Rm 117













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