Safety and Risk Management

  • The Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation (CiTi) offers component districts comprehensive consultative and regulatory compliance assistance through the Safety and Risk Management (Base) service. This service provides reviews, recommendations, and assistance with district safety policies, protocols and trainings to minimize instances of accidents and injury, and to safeguard or improve the educational environment. 

    The shared Safety and Risk Coordinator will provide assistance to participating school districts in complying with state and federal regulations governing the health and safety of their students and employees including, but not limited to:

    Asbestos/AHERA Regulations; Asbestos Triennial Inspections; Bloodborne Pathogens Program (BBP); Building Inspections such as annual Fire Safety Inspections, annual Visual Inspections and Building Condition Survey Assistance; Chemical Hygiene Standards for Science Laboratories; District Safety Committee Assistance; Emergency Management Planning/ Project S.A.V.E.; Hazard Communications Program (Right-To-Know); Hearing/Noise assessments; Indoor Air Quality analysis; NYS Building and Fire Code interpretation; OSHA/PESH/EPA/DEC/DOH/SED such as Regulation Compliance and Reporting Requirements; Pesticide Use and Compliance; Petroleum Storage Tank Compliance; Plan Review; Respiratory Protection Program and Training.

    Services cover instruction and assistance to ensure safe work place conditions for public employees and a safe learning environment for students. In addition, this service will also research and provide additional regulatory compliance guidance on new legislation that impacts the school/work environment in regards to health and safety.

    Services that require external support are subject to additional costs. Program is purchased through a base fee (612.010) and RWADA fee (612.000)

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  • Aleisha Hartford
    Safety Coordinator
    P: 315.963.4364