History of CiTi

  • Oswego County BOCES was established in 1949 through a three-district petition to the NYS Commissioner of Education. The first Oswego County BOCES was located in a Pulaski storefront and offered 13 different kinds of educational programs including instrumental music, driver training and remedial reading. Within a few years BOCES’ vision and promise grew to include services for special education students within the districts. In 1967 a resolution was passed to increase the membership of the BOCES to include all nine Oswego County School Districts.

  • In that same year, the NYS Legislature passed an amendment which allowed BOCES across the state to purchase land and construct facilities with the approval of voters in their districts. The following April a public vote was overwhelmingly supported (7000 to 1000) to purchase the property, construct our current facility and begin, for the first time, offering occupational education courses. Pictured above are two photos from the early era of the vote and construction of the OCB campus located in Mexico.

    As part of a rebranding effort and in conjunction with a nearly completed campus renovation project, in the summer of 2014, Oswego County BOCES announced a change to its name, becoming the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation (CiTi).

    The launch of the new name came after nearly two years of research and data collection, which included surveys of community members, staff, parents, students, and Oswego County leadership; a focus group; and Board of Education approval in mid‐June.

    According to CiTi District Superintendent Christopher Todd, the change reflects the organization’s commitment to meeting the ever‐changing needs of its educational partners while embracing innovation and creativity.

    “CiTi captures the essence of our 21st‐century initiatives and better represents our evolving role as educational partners for our school districts,” Todd said.

    The ability to adapt and meet the needs of its partners has been a staple of the Oswego County Board of Cooperative Educational Services since its foundation in 1949. Today, CiTi serves a student population of around 17,000 and provides a diverse blend of innovative student programs and more than 75 cooperative educational services. The organization has evolved to include a focus on preparing students for their role in a global economy while collaborating with districts to close gaps in student achievement.

    “The rebranding effort reflects our role as educational service partners in Oswego County and beyond. Brands are built on what our communities are saying about us, not what we are saying about ourselves,” Todd said. “This is the message we want to send about our place in the community: instruction, technology, innovation.”