Flipped/Blended Learning

  • The ITS: Model Schools department at CiTi has been dedicated to providing professional development opportunities combining technology with instructional methodologies to engage students and improve learning. Flipped and Blended Learning have similar roots and can even overlap in a classroom environment. These methodologies are proven to enhance student engagement in the classroom. 

    Flipped Learning has "traditional classroom learning" take place at home through watching videos and "traditional homework" being completed in class with the teacher being available for assistance. Educators can curate or create these instructional videos and use a variety of strategies, including differentiation and formative assessment, for student accountability for learning and applying the content. The best part of Flipped Learning, according to many students, is the ability to rewind and replay the videos to learn the content.

    Blended Learning is the cross between "traditional" face-to-face instruction and online learning. Blended Learning models include 1-to-1 lab, flex and station rotation, which is encouraged as it allows for small group collaboration. Teachers become learning designers as they create active, student-centered learning environments using intentional instructional methodologies for each specific learning objective. Teachers understand how to identify and incorporate best practices of student engagement, assessment and differentiation. Teachers become facilitators as students rotate through learning stations, allowing for individual student assistance. In addition to the course content, students learn to communicate, collaborate and think critically.

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