Scope and Sequence

  • Students starting in Grade 9 enter the virtual early college high school as a Year 1A or Year 1B student depending on accelerated pathways.  The virtual early college high school personalizes pathways designed to reflect the interest and needs of the students.  Enrichment opportunities are also included for students.  

    Students at other grade levels will receive a transcript review and will be eligible to begin the program at the needed instructional entry point.

    Students have the potential to earn an advanced NY State diploma as well as an associate degree from Cayuga Community College by the end of Year 4/Grade 12.  

    Two Early College High School Pathways have been designed for students to receive a two-year degree.

    Note: Students are not limited to the two pathways. Students/families, school counselor and college advising staff will work closely to personalize educational pathways both degree and non-degree. Students do not need to complete the college associate degree program in SYNERGY.  The potential of the degree is available to students.  All students leave SYNERGY with the requirements needed for a NY State diploma.  

Pathway A: CCC Liberal Arts and Sciences: Humanities and Social Science AA

  • Upon transcript review, students enter either Pathway A or Pathway B depending upon previous course work. 

    The school counselor and the college advising staff will work closely with the students and families to determine the best pathway.  Personalized pathways will be designed based upon the need and the interest of the student.  

Pathway B: CCC Liberal Arts and Sciences: Mathematics and Science AS

  • Students who were on an accelerated pathway in middle school and have an interest in math and science, have the opportunity to complete a Math and Science AS degree with Cayuga Community College.   

    If students completed Algebra 1 and Living Environment in 8th grade, the student may enter the accelerated Pathway B.