Chilluffo Named Educator Spotlight

The Instructional Technology Support: Model Schools service recently named Fred Chilluffo from Central Square School District (CSSD) as their fall educator spotlight.


Chilluffo has been with CSSD for 14 years, half of which spent teaching Math AIS.


“I learned to use STAR MATH 2.0 online to reinforce individual student skills and keep accurate mastery records,” said Chilluffo.


Moving back to a seventh-grade math class, Chilluffo switched to using Schoology technology to support student learning.


“Students analyze their work and have conferences with their classmates and/or me if they cannot find their error(s),” he says. “I was trained in Schoology and found it to be extremely useful for differentiating in a large class with flexible seating.


His advice to teachers looking to differentiate using online learning is to start slowly verses trying to do everything at once.


Chillufo has used technology to grade homework, classwork, quizzes and test for two years now. He likes that Schoology provides effective feedback and builds self-assessment and goal setting skills by allowing students to review their work. He also enjoys being able to upload lectures via video.


“Students can pause and start the lesson so they can complete their notes,” he said. “Most students who struggle taking notes during a live lecture like this feature.”


Chillufo hopes to continue to evolve his instructional practices through technology, mentioning starting discussion assignments online for students to discuss their errors with fellow students.


CSSD Teacher Fred Chilluffo is named CiTi ITS: Model Schools educator spotlight.

CSSD Teacher Fred Chilluffo is named CiTi ITS: Model Schools educator spotlight.