Top 3 CTE Students Recognized

Academic success was celebrated at the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation during a recognition ceremony for Career and Technical Education (CTE) Top 3 students in every program.


“I want to thank you students for putting your best foot forward, working hard to excel day-in and day-out,” said CTE Principal Michael Thurlow.


All the students recognized earned a grade-point average of at least 85 or higher in their respective classes.


The following students were recognized during the morning ceremony: Advanced Metal Manufacturing first year (1- Chase Kaylor (CSQ), 2- Caleb Mt. Pleasant (FUL), 3- Kyle Marks (MEX)), second year (1- Adam Goulet (CSQ), 2- Timothy Snell (SCK)), Auto Body I second year (1-Tyler Endresz (CSQ), 2-Christopher Bruno  (PHO), 3-Matthew Vincent (APW)), Auto Technology first year (1- Kolby Banach (SCK), 2- Schuyler Bivens (FUL), 3- Blake Keisinger (CSQ)), second year (Andrew Bartlett (SCK), 2- Dylan Woolson (MEX), 3- Jonathn Sprague (PUL)), Computer Coding first year (1-Jeffrey Klein (CSQ), 2- Jacob Shatrau (FUL), 3-Alekzander Cappelletti  (MEX)), second year (1- Dylan Germain (PHO), 2- Nathan Stuart (FUL), 3- Owen Ayotte (FUL)), Computer Systems CISCO (1-Elias Dahar (FUL), 2-Stephen Gorman (PUL), 3-Erick Ponce (HAN)), Construction Technology first year (1- Jerrett Wells (CSQ)), second year (1- Robert Fredericks  (PHO), 2-Ryan Perkins (APW), 3- Stephen McCombie (HAN)), Cosmetology first year (1-Maria Moses (CSQ), 2-Taylor Sova (MEX), 3-Lauren Kline (APW)), second year (1-Cassandra Davidson (CSQ), 2-Kalli Frey (CSQ), 3-Hanna Picotte (CSQ)), Culinary first year (1-Jesse Quintana (SCK), 2-Mackenzie Gleason (PHO), 3-Spencer DiMura (APW)), second year (1-Aliza Deasy (MEX), 2-Courtney Burns (SCK), 3-Alice Lanning (HAN)), Digital Media Technology first year (1-Elizabeth Aud (MEX), 2- Emma McCarthy (MEX), 3-Matthew Holliday (MEX)), second year (1-Taylor Bartle (MEX), 2- Mattylin Hamacher (CSQ), 3-Michael Lawyea (CSQ)), Early Childhood Education first year (1-Alyssa Kurak (FUL), 2-Madison Watkins (PHO), Brianna Gates (PHO)), second year (1-Gabrielle Carpenter (MEX), 2-Tia Guerrero (PHO), 3-Madison Curry (CSQ)), Heavy Equipment Repair & Operation first year (1-Connor Hunter (CSQ), 2- Dominic Neiss (PHO), 3-Dominick DeMong (PHO)), second year (1-Jacob Sharkey (OSW), 2-Jacob Parkhurst (FUL), 3-Caleb Miller (SCK)), New Vision Allied Health (1-Benjamin Carguello (PUL), 2-Abigail Fitzpatrick (SCK), 3-Joan Carroll (OSW)), New Vision Law & Government (1-Kalista Kimball (PUL), 2-Monica Cahill (OSW), 3-Matthew Francis (PHO)), New Vision Specialized Careers (1-Russell Young (OSW), 2-Helaina Hale (APW), 3-Nicholas Brown (OSW)), Nursing first year (1-Brittney Roser (APW), 2-Sierra LoBello (CSQ), 3-Jacqueline Shaffer (PHO)), second year (1-Megan Hess (PHO), 2-Olivia Thrall (PHO), 3-Victoria Tyrrell (CSQ)), Outdoor Power Equipment Technology first year (1-William Frymoyer (CSQ), 2- Brandon Warchol (APW), 3-Jacob Douglas (MEX)), second year (1-Dylan Hohm (CSQ); 2-Mitchell Kaylor (CSQ), 3- Jacob Mannise (CSQ)), Public Safety & Justice first year (1-Taylor Fisher (CSQ), 2-Travis Cosby (CSQ),  3- Alexander Currie (APW)), second year (1-Seth Gates  (CSQ), 2- Kassidee Seeley (MEX), 3- Nathan Grinnell (SCK)), Welding first year (1-Levi Darling (SCK), 2-Cody Roser (APW), 3-Damien Allen (CSQ)) and second year (1-Allen Tennant III (CSQ), 2-Connor Spurling (MEX), 3-Payton Warren (CSQ).


The following students were recognized during the afternoon ceremony:


Advanced Metal Manufacturing first year (1- Cody Wright (FUL), 2- Camron Fordyce (PHO), 3-Hunter Lawton (OSW)), second year (1-Jacob Hughes (FUL)), Auto Body first year (1-Trevor Rouselle (OSW)), second year (1- Aidan Osmun (OSW), 2- Cole Bettinger (CSQ)), Auto Technology II first year (1-Keith DiMura (APW)), second year (1-Ronald Parody (FUL), 2-Joseph Benavidez (FUL), Austin-James Corbett (APW)), Computer Coding first year (1-Kameron Balcom (PUL), 2- Lucas Thomas (APW), 3- Coralynne Milliken (APW)), Computer Systems A+ (1-Nicholas McCombie (HAN), 2-Nolan Gardenier (FUL), 3-Brayden McGraw  (FUL)), Construction Technology first year (1- Jeremy Fellows (HAN), 2- Robert McCarthy (OSW), 3- Trevor Good (MEX)), second year (1- Cameron Smith (OSW), 2- Brandon Davis (OSW), 3- Tyler Davis (OSW)), Cosmetology first year (1-Madison Collins (MEX), 2-Kalysha Rourke (OSW), 3-Ivy Jeter (OSW)), second year (1-Rebecca LaSalle (HAN), 2-Bella Seymour (FUL), 3-Lauren Bush  (OSW)), Culinary first year (1-Hillary O’Bryan (HAN), 2-Harley Brinkman (OSW), 3-Abigail Babcock (APW)), Digital Media Technology first year (1-Charlynne Storrs (HAN), 2-Kacey Markarian (FUL), 3-Gabrielle Gloude (CSQ)), second year (1-Mallory Frank (PUL), 2-Nicholas Barry (HAN), 3-Connor Viau (MEX)), Early Childhood Education first year (1-Kassandra Hughes (CSQ), 2-Megan Coe (MEX), 3-Zachary Ingersoll (HAN)), second year (1-Katlyn Moon (FUL), 2-Jessica Miner (HAN), 3-Erynn Harris (HAN)), Heavy Equipment Repair & Operation first year (1-Ryan Whitcomb (HAN), 2-Jacob Smith (APW), 3-William Monica (CSQ)), second year (1-Thomas Fletcher (APW), 2-Kyle Dodge (OSW), 3-Dakota Gleason (OSW)), Industrial Electrical Technology (1-Matthew Taormina (OSW), 2-Alex Rodriguez (PUL), 3-Dalton Burdick (MEX)), New Vision Allied Health (1-Jenna Bradshaw (OSW), 2-Julia May (OSW), 3-Jenna Hood (FUL)), New Vision Specialized Careers (1-Andrew Dedich (FUL), 2-Kelly Lizotte (OSW), 3-Jillian Dowdle (OSW)), Nursing first year (1-Taylor Bonoffski (FUL), 2-Jordon Burdick (PUL), 3-Nicole Redford (APW)), second year (1-Anna Farmer (PUL), 2-Hayleigh Hough (OSW), 3-Montana Myhill (OSW)), Public Safety & Justice first year (1- Jacob Wright (PHO), 2- Kolton Lewis (FUL), 3- Jayden Trevett (APW)), second year (1-Emily Alnutt(OSW), 2-Emily Sampson (PUL), 3-Isaac Crandall (FUL)), Welding fist year (1-Joshua Evans (OSW), 2-Casey DeLapp (OSW), 3-Dominick Spano (PUL) and second year (1-Kennith Young (HAN), 2-Stephen Ruffalo (MEX), 3-Caleb Colloca (OSW)).

HERO Top 3 CTE students.

First-year Heavy Equipment Repair and Operation students Jacob Smith (APW), Ryan Whitcomb (Hannibal) and William Monica (Central Square) are recognized at CiTi CTE’s Top 3 Ceremony.