CiTi students gain home improvement, hands-on experience

The Project Explore experience within the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation’s alternative education program has provided several students with hands-on learning and home improvement opportunities.

Teacher Joseph Dottolo said his students worked in pairs to complete miniature bathroom projects, which involved framing, electrical work, supply lines for plumbing, tile work and additional work experiences.

“The skills are to get a taste of everything,” he said. “Everyone has been on board and enjoyed it. There are so many skilled jobs needed out there and money to be made.”

Dottolo said while some students came into his class with little, or no, familiar experience, the entire process was eye-opening. Increased experiences with real-world problem-solving skills and in-home work will only help the students become more well-rounded, he said. Upon reviewing course options to teach, prior to the start of the 2018-2019 school year, Dottolo said he believed home maintenance would best benefit the Project Explore students.

“I wanted to tie a lot of household skills into one project and the bathrooms have it all,” he said.