Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow Visits Culinary Arts Classes

The Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation’s Culinary Arts program welcomed Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow to their classes recently.


Mayor Barlow partners with his parents on a food truck, Barlow Concessions LLC, and spoke to the classes about the trials and tribulations of operating a food truck.


“Mayor Barlow provided a unique take on the food truck industry,” said Culinary Arts instructor Sam Passer. “He spoke from both the municipality and business side of things.”


Mayor Barlow said he enjoyed his time talking with the classes.

“I always try to take every opportunity to come interact and explain my personal experiences, said Barlow. “It’s nice to get out of City Hall and do things like this.”


Mayor Barlow also said the students were pulling information out of him during the Q&A section that he didn’t initially put in his talk.


Passer reiterated those comments and said, “Students were engaged; asking questions both about Barlow Concessions LLC, Oswego’s local permitting and licensing laws, and what the future of the “food truckin’” industry is looking like.”

Billy Barlow talking with CiTi Culinary Students