Skill Kits Allow CTE Students to Practice from Home

Educators at the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation (CiTi) came together to help keep trade and skill students engaged and working with industry materials.

As CiTi moved forward with online learning, the administrative team and Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers kept coming back to the fact their students showcase their knowledge best through skills they’ve achieved, said Director of College and Career Education Marla Berlin.

That’s where the unique idea for skill kits came from, and teachers were asked to brainstorm ideas for materials that could go home and develop directions for students.

“It was inspiring to see how quickly these came together and there’s been a lot of positive feedback from the students and families,” said CTE Dean of Students Mallory Douglas. “Students are able to work with the skills they would in school and continue to develop toward industry standards.”

CiTi Construction Technology students, for one example, are receiving carpenter squares and lumber to practice with.

“Students who become proficient with the carpenters square understand the terminology associated with the square, understand all its uses, apply the math calculations needed to generate a rafter or stair layout,” said Construction Technology instructor Craig Mahon. “In the remaining weeks of school Construction tech students will focus on rafter layout proficiency.”

Many of the other CTE programs, of which there are more than a dozen that serve all nine school districts in Oswego County, also sent home skill kits for students to stay hands on.

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