Rappelling Provides Safety, Life Lessons for CiTi’s Students

Public Safety & Justice students at the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation recently learned that it takes safety, teamwork and determination to succeed during a rappelling activity.


The group of Career and Technical Education students completed the rappelling activity in CiTi’s main gymnasium, as a culmination event to a related five-week educational unit. Public Safety instructor Shawn Tompkins said the hands-on techniques students learned helped them advance both their emergency response knowledge and several life skills.


“The knots we do, they can use for the rest of their lives,” he said. “Some of this is teamwork-based and being safe, while some of it is science-based. The other piece is confidence and overcoming something.”


Public Safety students were familiarized with basic knot tying, protective equipment (including harnesses and helmets), rappelling terminology and various rescue systems. Trisha Ellis, a Central Square School District senior, said safety has been the most important component of the class.


“You have to know your knots and watch out for people when you’re up there,” she said. “It’s always about keeping calm.”


Inspired by her brother in uniform, Ellis said she has enjoyed the CTE program and her dream is to become a law enforcement officer.


student practices rappelling

CiTi Public Safety & Justice Instructor Mark Bender assists second-year student Trisha Ellis (Central Square School District), as she embarks on a rappelling culmination activity.