CTE Recognizes Top Three Students at CiTi with Virtual Ceremony

The Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation recognized the top three students of each Career and Technical Education program through a virtual ceremony that premiered on the organization’s Facebook and YouTube pages (@CiTi_BOCES).


Considerations for the award include grade point average, work ethic, attitude and attendance. Each student will receive a certificate of recognition from Career and Technical Education Principal Michael Thurlow.


Award-winners were: Harley Bezio, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology, (APW); David Kolodziejczyk, Auto Body, (APW);  Benjamin Ostrander, Welding Technology, (APW); Abigail Skellington-Bice, Early Childhood Education, (APW); Wyatt Stanard, Heavy Equipment, (APW); Avery Stowell, Heavy Equipment, (APW); Evelyn Brill, Cosmetology, (Central Square); Jaiden Burdick, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology, (Central Square); Haylee Caputo, Culinary Arts, (Central Square); Tyler Dence, Auto Technology, (Central Square); John Fralix Jr., Outdoor Power Equipment Technology, (Central Square); Julian Guzman, Digital Media Technology, (Central Square); Zachary Halliday, Public Safety & Justice, (Central Square); Emily Hamacher, Digital Media Technology, (Central Square); John Hogan Jr., Construction Technology, (Central Square); Emma Lee, Nursing Assistant,(Central Square); Cole Moody, Industrial Electrical Technology, (Central Square); Cheyanne Shearer, Digital Media Technology, (Central Square); Liam Walsh, Public Safety & Justice, (Central Square); Clifford West IV, Construction Technology, (Central Square); Micayla Wright, Cosmetology, (Central Square); Kaley Allen, Early Childhood Education, (Fulton); Dylan Cooper, Auto Technology, (Fulton); Evan Detor, Industrial Electrical Technology, (Fulton); Mitchell Donaldson, Advanced Metal Manufacturing, (Fulton); Brayden Hartman, Industrial Electrical Technology, (Fulton); Zander Huebner, Computer Coding and Programming, (Fulton); Samantha McRae, New Vision Allied Health, (Fulton); Savannah Sellin, Nursing Assistant, (Fulton); Victoria Stoutenger, Early Childhood Education, (Fulton); Michael Strong, Digital Media Technology, (Fulton); Cole Sweeney, Public Safety & Justice, (Fulton); Dylan Waldron, Heavy Equipment, (Fulton); Cameron Waugh, Digital Media Technology, (Fulton); Brenna Wells, New Vision Allied Health, (Fulton); Collin Wells, Auto Technology, (Fulton); Maria Dunsmoor, Public Safety & Justice, (Hannibal); Cailynn Fellows, Culinary Arts, (Hannibal); Tyler Murray, Advanced Metal Manufacturing, (Hannibal); Dustin Palmatier, Computer Coding and Programming, (Hannibal); Andrew Centrone, Welding Technology, (Mexico); Joshua Edgarton, Auto Body, (Mexico); Jacob Hill, Welding Technology, (Mexico); Emma Hyde, New Vision Specialized Careers, (Mexico); Isaiah Luhr, Industrial Electrical Technology, (Mexico); Noah Ratcliff, Advanced Metal Manufacturing, (Mexico); George Smith III, Welding Technology, (Mexico); Shaina Turo, Cosmetology, (Mexico); Dylan Woolson, Auto Technology, (Mexico); Gary LaParr, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology, (Mexico); Colin Beers, Advanced Metal Manufacturing, (Oswego); Alfonso Alonso, Heavy Equipment, (Oswego); Azalia Avery, Construction Technology, (Oswego); Toby Baker, Public Safety & Justice, (Oswego); Nicholas Bragg, Computer Coding and Programming, (Oswego); Joseph DeStevens, Auto Technology, (Oswego); Daniel (Declan) Donahue, Welding Technology, (Oswego); Lauren Fitzsimmons, Early Childhood Education, (Oswego); Jerrett Harter, Industrial Electrical Technology, (Oswego); Martin Lilly, Computer Coding and Programming, (Oswego); Allison Lizotte, New Vision Specialized Careers, (Oswego); Kaila Loadwick, Cosmetology, (Oswego); Megan McCarey, Early Childhood Education, (Oswego); Matthew Metott, Heavy Equipment, (Oswego); Demetri Pappa, Construction Technology, (Oswego); Robert Rose, Construction Technology, (Oswego); Gianna Ruggio, New Vision Allied Health, (Oswego); Mikala Sheffield, Nursing Assistant, (Oswego); Leslie Warner, Culinary Arts, (Oswego); Aiden Seinoski, Computer Coding and Programming, (Oswego); Alissa Bova, Culinary Arts, (Phoenix); Jared Charleston, Construction Technology, (Phoenix); Kyle Earley, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology, (Phoenix); Genna Eusepi, Cosmetology, (Phoenix); Shane Jacobson Jr., Auto Body, (Phoenix); Elizabeth Lamach, Digital Media Technology, (Phoenix); Robert Minard Jr., Computer Coding and Programming, (Phoenix); Rocco Mistico, Industrial Electrical Technology, (Phoenix); Gabriella Payne, Early Childhood Education, (Phoenix); Melody Trask, Public Safety & Justice, (Phoenix); Emily Ballou, Nursing Assistant, (Pulaski); Alyssa Greene, Culinary Arts, (Pulaski); Oliver Hall, Welding Technology, (Pulaski); Katherine Hefti, Nursing Assistant, (Pulaski); Holly McCarty, New Vision Specialized Careers, (Pulaski); Gabriel Balcom, Auto Technology, (Sandy Creek); Christopher Dewey, Advanced Metal Manufacturing, (Sandy Creek); James Green, Heavy Equipment, (Sandy Creek); Mckenzie Guthrie, Cosmetology, (Sandy Creek); Alyssa Rudd, Nursing Assistant, (Sandy Creek)


The virtual ceremony can be seen via this link: https://youtu.be/FVDztTpEURw


Virtual Ceremony