Students Brought Back to the Civil War Via Distance Learning

Students at the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation were able to connect with a Virginia Museum of History & Culture educator to explore the history of espionage in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars thanks to the CiTi Distance Learning program.


The Distance Learning program works with CiTi and component districts to provide educational opportunities and enhance learning experiences via videoconferencing and electronic media.


“Our students have varied interests, so we try to expose them to different topics that are interesting and educational,” said CiTi Exceptional Education Teacher Mary Throne.


During the “I Spy: Virginia’s Secret Agents” learning experience, which was geared toward students in grades three through six, CiTi students learned about some of Virginia’s top-secret agents and how to break codes. Students were excited to learn unique pieces of history such as medicine being smuggled in children’s dolls during the civil war.


“The next distance learning opportunity coming up for us is a Museum Career Exploration, which fits into our career exploration curriculum,” said Throne. “We are excited to learn about different careers such as researchers, animal keepers and more.


Distance Learning