Update 6/8/21: Clarification on masking process

June 8, 2021

Good Morning,

Last night school districts were informed of the final decision about mask wearing in school settings. 

In short--masks are still required indoors, but masks are not required outdoors.  Nonetheless, if adults and students want to continue wearing masks outside that is their choice.  Please see the short message below:

Last night at 8:43pm the New York State Department of Health confirmed in writing that schools:

  • Are required to continue to expect everyone to wear masks while in a school building or on a school bus until further notice. 
  • No longer have to require masks for any activity that occurs outdoors for staff or students. 

Effective June 9, 2021 CiTi BOCES will no longer be required to monitor for mask wearing during outdoor activities. We will be respectful of anyone that wants to remain masked outdoors.