Six Dental Assisting Students Graduate from CiTi Adult Education Program

The Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation congratulated six new Dental Assisting graduates at their completion ceremony July 1.


The students endured a 10-month program that included more than 1,000 hours of coursework and fieldwork to be welcomed into the dental profession. This program gave the students an opportunity to work directly with dentists and perform a wide variety of tasks that required both interpersonal and technical skills.


“I am so proud of you all,” said instructor Adele Haskins while addressing the recipients. “You overcame challenges, some of you continued to work while going to school, and you are bettering your lives as you move into this new chapter.”


Graduates were joined by their families, instructors and administrators at the CiTi main campus gymnasium as they received their diplomas and vowed to “improve the oral health of the public, and to promote high standards of quality dental care.”


The following students completed the program: Rosa Bravo-Rios, Tatyana Cummins, Alexis James, Ashley Janes, Maya Tonkin and Bryceann Williams.