Pulaski students take first place in OCAY League Challenge

Students from eight Oswego County school districts recently competed in the Oswego County Academic Youth League competition “Geographical Scavenger Hunt.” 


The challenge tested students’ knowledge and skills as they embarked on a “Geographical Scavenger Hunt” to try and find gems hidden in Selkirk Shores State Park. A member of each team was given a quiz every 30 minutes to test their knowledge of environmental science, ecology and habitats, scientific names, earth’s systems and geographical boundaries. Meanwhile, other members had to solve a riddle and use a map and compass to try to locate gems.


Scores were based off overall quiz score and number of gems found. The first-place team from Pulaski was comprised of Holly Pacyon, Eileen Carnes, Logan Godfrey, Mackenna Lyng, Luk Tighe and Kaleb Weiland. Mexico High School placed second, while Hannibal placed third.


“Congratulations to Pulaski for their 1st place finish, Mexico for their 2nd place finish, and Hannibal for finishing in 3rd.  The weather cooperated perfectly and it was great seeing the students interact in person again!” said OCAY Coordinator Caitlin White


 OCAY League was organized in the spring of 1997 with the idea that academics merit a standing comparable to athletics. Students’ academic skills are challenged and showcased in a wide variety of competitive events that emphasize scholastic excellence, team building, leadership and creativity. A particular strength of the league is its emphasis on cooperative problem-solving. OCAY League is coordinated through the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation’s gifted and talented program.