New Vision Students Treated to Presentation from Oswego City Police Department Officer

Written in part by New Vision Allied Health Student Katelyn Nettles


Former New Vision student and current Oswego City Police Officer Chelsea Giovo recently came to SUNY Oswego to present to New Vision Programs.


Giovo is also the Community Oriented Policing and Administrative Division Officer. Part of this role includes educating and training fellow officers, future officers, and community members in educational and awareness programming. The New Vision Programs were fortunate to have Officer Giovo offer training on implicit bias and awareness. The two-hour training included identifying the difference between implicit and explicit biases, identifying some biases we notice in our communities, and discussing how each individual, both students and professionals, can play a role in creating more equitable treatment of individuals in our communities.


Officer Giovo created an atmosphere that encouraged students to be vulnerable and open with the biases that often go unnoticed. Officer Giovo’s training is often geared toward law enforcement officials, but the interactive nature of the training engaged students the opportunity to participate in the larger societal conversation, receiving training that many in the field only receive after years of experience.


Officer Giovo is a 2009 graduate of Mexico Academy and Central Schools and completed the New Vision Law and Government Program. Officer Giovo currently hosts New Vision students on ride-alongs in the community rotations and exemplifies the full circle nature of the New Vision Program’s Immersion in the Oswego County Community.