Culinary Arts Caters Fall Dinner for Oswego County Association of Education

The Culinary Arts program at the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation recently prepared and catered for the Oswego County Association of Education Office Professional Semi-Annual Fall Dinner on CiTi’s main campus in Mexico, in parternship with Mexico Academy & Central Schools.


The event provided the opportunity for students to apply skills used in the classroom to a real-life catering experience.


“There’s a lot of things to do and only a certain time period to do it in,” said Phoenix Central School District student Brian Gibbs. “It can be a little stressful, but it is very rewarding in the end.”  


This is one of many occasions students in CiTi’s Culinary Arts program get to get a taste of catering experience, including CiTi’s annual meeting in the spring that serves component district invitees. The course sets the foundation for entry-level careers or further career training programs.


“I’ve learned a lot in this class, and the experience has been amazing,” said Carter Famoly, Oswego City School District student.