Return of Student-run Oswego County Federal Credit Union on Mexico Campus

What is an In-School Credit Union Branch Program?

An in-school credit union branch program is a when a credit union provides access to deposit services, and sometimes other financial services, inside a school. The Branch will offer services to both the students and staff at CiTi.


What is a Student-run Credit Union?

In-School Credit Union Branches or Student-run Credit Unions, these programs provide a unique hands-on way for young people to learn about taking control of their money and financial future.

Students may open their own savings account to deposit allowances, babysitting money or earnings from a part-time job all from the convenience of their in-school credit union branch.


What is OCFCU Mission?

The mission is to expose students to Money Management Skills. Student employees will assist their peers and OCFCU employees with financial transactions such as making deposits, withdrawals, and checking account balances. Students may also discuss financial topics including job hunting, building credit, taking out a loan, savings and budgeting.


The Oswego County Federal Credit Union Branch is excited to announce Lincoln Hatch as our Student MSR. Lincoln has gone through an application and interview process conducted by OCFCU and the CiTi Career Center and is very excited to get started.


The OCFCU Branch will be opening Tuesday November 1, 2022 to staff and students and will be open every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

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