OCSD takes home first place in second OCAY League event of season

Students from nine local school districts recently competed in the Oswego County Academic Youth League’s second competition of the school year, dubbed “Right On: The 1960s”


The competition was held at Holy Trinity Parish in Fulton.


In pairs, students took five different quizzes about the 1960s: TV and movies, music, the Space Race, what year did it happen?, and key people.


The remaining team members broke into groups to tackle various other tasks, ranging from writing an original song about the 1960s, performing that song and creating an album cover for it, and creating a lunar landing device. Scores were based on overall quiz scores, song quality, album design, and landing device success.


The team from Oswego City School District took first place and was comprised of students Ethann Browne, Quinten Denkenberger, Leah Dykas, Mia Fierro, Piper Gosek, Sean Metcalf, Michael Paestella, David Pearson, Isabella Richmond, and Sarah Westcott, along with their coach Kayley Morse.


The team from Mexico placed second, followed by students from Pulaski in third. The third event of the 2022-23 OCAY League season will be held in March of 2023.


OCAY League was organized in the spring of 1997 with the idea that academics merit a standing comparable to athletics. Students’ academic skills are challenged and showcased in a wide variety of competitive events that emphasize scholastic excellence, team building, leadership, and creativity. A particular strength of the league is its emphasis on cooperative problem-solving.


OCAY League is coordinated through the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation’s gifted and talented program. For more information, contact OCAY League Coordinator Caitlin White.