CiTi Students Learn Budgeting from Bryant & Stratton College Representative

Bryant & Stratton College recently gave a budgeting presentation to the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation’s Advanced Metal Manufacturing class.


Through an activity, Matthew Pantoja, from Bryant & Stratton College, randomly assigned different careers with a set income to each student.


The students learned how to look at a yearly salary bi-monthly and what percentages get taken out for federal and state taxes along with social security. Based on their “spending money” leftover each month, they had to choose a rent or mortgage to take out based on their current expenses.


After a ten-year period, the students were able to roll a die to determine their raise and number of kids to factor into their monthly expenses, making the students realize how easy it is to go into debt when not careful.


Pantoja highlighted the importance of investing and how to leverage an education one can receive from Bryant & Stratton College to get there.


“When in doubt, invest the maximum amount,” said Pantoja.


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