Area Towing Professional Demonstrates for CTE Students

Career and Technical Education at the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation strives to give students as many hands-on experiences as possible, and recently a number of students got to practice in-depth towing recovery thanks to an area business.

Shameless Towing, a Fulton-area towing company, brought their machinery with a 100,000-pound capacity out for students in the Heavy Equipment Repair & Operation (HERO) to try out the different equipment, and Public Safety students learned about emergency response to crashes and incidents.

Among the activities for the day were flipping a car and picking other heavy machinery straight up into the air while following and learning about all necessary safety precautions.

“It is always amazing to see our local companies taking time to help teach our youth,” said CiTi CTE Student Support Coordinator Martin Pasternak. “Providing students with hands-on experiences they do not have an opportunity for at their home schools while also providing them real life scenarios is what our programs are all about.”

Pasternak offered his appreciation to the Shameless Towing crew for their time and resources, calling it a “fantastic experience” for CTE students.

Morning HERO student Leon Smith, a Phoenix Central School District who attends CiTi, echoed those sentiments.

“I think it’s super cool that we get the opportunity to come out and learn it at such a young age,” said Smith, who hopes to be a tow truck operator. “That way, as you get older now you kind of know what you’re going into and doing.”

View a gallery of photos via the CiTi Facebook page at the following link:

Photo from CTE demonstration by Shameless Towing