P-TECH Shines at Workforce & Economic Development Conference

Principal Amanda Petrie of the Oswego County P-TECH program recently took the stage at the 2023 Partners for Workforce & Economic Development Conference in Syracuse, NY. 


Alongside her collaborators, Hailey Warren from Onondaga Community College and Brandy Earl from Novelis, she delivered a presentation titled "Building Pathways to Success: Exploring P-TECH," which showcased the power of collaboration between industry and modern education.


The 2023 Partners for Workforce & Economic Development Conference, a statewide annual event, attracted professionals from the fields of education and industry. The conference aimed to foster connections and explore successful partnerships between public and private entities, all with a shared goal of preparing students for college and careers.


The primary objective of Principal Petrie's presentation was to raise awareness about the essential collaborative relationship between industry and modern education. It also highlighted the remarkable success of the P-TECH model, with a particular emphasis on the program's partnership with local industry.


Since its inception in 2016, the Oswego County P-TECH program has strategically aligned itself with regional manufacturers, including esteemed names like Novelis, Huhtamaki, Davis-Standard and Constellation, among others. Graduates of the program have achieved impressive success, transitioning into full-time employment with starting salaries exceeding the $50,000 range.


The partnership with local industry plays a pivotal role in student success. Both students and teachers benefit from invaluable feedback provided by industry partners, which encompasses curriculum development, the cultivation of soft skills and staying attuned to upcoming industry trends. 


Principal Petrie underscored the importance of sharing this successful model with others across the state, stating, "The future of advanced manufacturing and related fields relies on student preparedness and understanding of job requirements. Industry partners and educational systems can use the P-TECH model to foster their own collaborative partnerships."


The Oswego County P-TECH program provides students entering ninth grade with a unique opportunity to secure a high school regents diploma, an Associate’s Degree in Advanced Manufacturing from Onondaga Community College and paid internships, all at no cost to the students or their families.


To learn more about the Oswego County P-TECH program and its inspiring partnerships with regional manufacturers, please visit www.CiTiboces.org/ptech or search for the program on Facebook and Instagram.

Ptech Principal