Oswego County P-TECH Celebrates Seniors Headed to OCC

The Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation hosted a celebration for Oswego County P-TECH senior graduates, who will now enter the Onondaga Community College portion of the program full-time to earn their associate’s degree free of cost.


The senior students were split between either entering the Electrical Technology pathway at OCC or the Mechanical Technology pathway, many have internships lined up with local industry partners, a couple students are entering the workforce right away.

“You’ve job shadowed, you’ve stem challenged, you’ve been pushed with rigorous academic curriculum including college coursework,” said P-TECH Principal Amanda Petrie. “I think the best part is that we are not here to say goodbye to our seniors, we get to continue to support them through their college degree.”


P-TECH seniors celebrated were: William Appleton (Central Square), Aiden Bezio (APW), Madeline Brown (Oswego), Josh Cantrell (Mexico), Trystan Connolly (Mexico), Vincent Hubbard (Fulton), Mariah Janes (Fulton), Aidan Lillie (Mexico), Ashley Lowry (APW), Anthony Maniccia (Oswego), Cayden McKay (Phoenix), Ayden McKie (Fulton), Austin Moore (Fulton), Tyler Osborne (Fulton), Gaige Pitre (Phoenix), Cierra Quackenbush (Pulaski), Andrew Schlueter (Central Square), Andrw Skotnicki (Pulaski), Spencer Therrien (Oswego) Autumn Trumble (Mexico) and Alan Tubman (Oswego).


P-TECH alum Andrew Blodgett gave the alumni address during the ceremony, saying: “This next year is when everything you’ve done so far, all the work that you’ve done, the labs that you’ve completed, the tests you’ve completed, is going to be a return on your investment, when you’ll be able to walk out of here with an associate’s degree without a single penny of debt. Seize this opportunity and make it yours.”


More information on Oswego County P-TECH can be found at CiTiboces.org/PTECH.

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