Management Services

  • The Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation offers a wide range of cost-effective administrative and/or support services to participating school districts. For example, the Cooperative Purchasing Service generates savings for 11 subscribing school districts as well as Oswego County municipalities by coordinating over 25 bids on various supplies and commodities.

  • Claims Auditing Service

    The service provides a shared claims auditor to review financial claims and transactions on behalf of Boards of Education of participating school districts to ensure that all the financial transactions of districts adhere to policies and existing legal mandates. The claims auditor will ensure that only legitimate claims against the district are paid. In general, the claims auditor will certify that proper documentation and itemization are provided, payments are for legal purposes, transactions are properly authorized prior to approving the voucher or invoice for payment, and payments are made in accordance with the operating policies of the district.

Contact Us

  • Michael Sheperd
    Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services
    P: 315.963.4260