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  • The CiTi School Improvement Team is focused on supporting teachers and leaders with the implementation of high quality, rigorous curriculum and the continuous improvement of instruction aligned with the Common Core and Instructional Shifts. We offer a variety of Teacher Networks, professional learning opportunities, classroom observations with coaching follow up support, and customized planning and facilitation. Please contact us to discuss your needs. You can also find all of our offerings in our MyLearningPlan catalog. 

In The News

  • How Emotional Connections Can Trigger Creativity & Learning

    Students’ social and emotional reactions to learning are imperative to feeling motivated to learn and to their ability to creatively solve problems, according to Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, who wrote Musings on the Neurobiological and Evolutionary Origins of Creativity via a Developmental Analysis of One Child’s Poetry [PDF]. Her research tries to understand why emotions are so important to learning by examining what happens to brain functions.

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