7 Reasons to Work at CiTi

  • Mission and Values

    Our Mission: Build Your Future! Keys to the CiTi: Is this safe? Is this kind? Is this helpful? Is this done with integrity? Core Values: We embrace innovation and creativity. We make student-based decisions with honesty, respect and integrity. We collaborate, focused on quality service, expertise and student success.

    Ability to Grow

    CiTi offers professional development, training and tuition assistance opportunities. We believe investing in you means investing in our students and community.


    CiTi provides an outstanding benefits package including NYS retirement, competitive compensation, federal holidays, health insurance, paid time off, etc.

    Our Work Environment

    The students that CiTi serve require innovative teaching strategies. We need outside-of-the-box thinkers. And we need from-the-heart people.


    A career here is always rewarding and rarely easy. At CiTi, we believe it is not a question IF a student is smart, but HOW that student is smart. Join our team, our family, in making sure EVERY child has a chance at success.


    Centrally located in New York State, Oswego County offers year-round fun and recreation for everyone. History, festivals, fishing and outdoor activities highlight each season. From birding to boating and sledding to scuba diving, Oswego County proves appealing during any kind of weather, all year round. Take a hike, grab a paddle or fire up the ATV. Find out what makes Oswego County’s outdoors great.

    Focus on Mental Health

    We’re committed to providing CiTi BOCES employees with the support and resources to help you (and your family) feel and do your best. As part of that, we’re pleased to introduce CredibleMind, a unique and valuable online mental health self-care platform.