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  • Who We Are

    We are an award-winning team of public relations professionals, and we work to promote and publicize the great things happening in school districts. With backgrounds and skill sets in journalism, marketing, video development, graphic design and more, our service is far-reaching in the scope of what we do. Our home base is located in Phoenix, NY, and we also have a satellite office located in Ithaca, NY.

    What We Do

    The CiTi Public Relations service exists to be communication leaders for public education clients, advising school districts on creative, strategic, innovative and effective communication solutions and collaboratively implementing those plans to enhance student learning and educational systems. Usually, one person on our team is established as a lead for your district. However, the team functions as a whole, with each member bringing a different skill set to the table. The entire team can be reached at:

    How We Do It

      We work with your team to create a customizable look suited for your needs. Our graphic design team creates a variety of digital and print materials ranging from newsletters to calendars and more.
      We create and manage social media accounts for school districts depending on their needs. It is important to keep social media pages fresh, so we work collaboratively with district administration and staff to post news-worthy activities in the classroom.
      We work with third-party vendors to create and/or maintain your school district website: keeping content, news and photos up-to-date and accessible. See our ADA Compliance Cheat Sheet.
      Our service includes on-site story and information development; writing and editing feature stories based on ideas provided by staff. We write and distribute press releases to local media, earning placement in newspapers and on TV. Most stories highlight academics, project-based learning and school happenings. We use these stories to create content for websites, district newsletters and other publications. We also assist with crisis communications.
      We write script, film and conduct interviews to create digital video content that may be used on social media and/or district websites.

    Levels of Service

    CiTi public relations is a centralized service that is eligible for state aid. The CoSer is broken into four levels of service that correlate with a number of hours that best suits the district’s needs and budget. Approximate pricing using your state aid ratio is available upon request.

    Level I................................80 Days of Service
    Level II...............................120 Days of Service
    Level III..............................160 Days of Service
    Level IV..............................200 Days of Service
    Enhanced Services*.............Additional 20 Days of Service

    *Available to any district enrolled wishing to increase their level of service for special projects that are only anticipated to have a brief duration.


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