What is CDOS Online?

    CDOS ONLINE is a cloud-based credential management tool that helps track the progress of a student through the “4+CDOS” pathway. CDOS Online supports tracking of:

    • CDOS Learning Standards (including Career Majors)
    • Fully Supports SACC
    • Employability Profiles
    • Employability Rubrics
    • Career Plan
    • Work-Based Learning Hours
    • CTE Coursework Hours
    • Industry-Based Assessment Hours
    • File Attachments


    Why use CDOS Online?

    Keeping track of a student’s progress through the “4+CDOS” pathway is more important now than ever before. Effective June 2016, all students that meet the requirements for the NYS CDOS Commencement Credential may graduate with CDOS as their only exiting credential.* CDOS ONLINE helps simplify the documentation process through:

    • Providing a centralized team-based environment
    • Available 24/7, 365 days a year
    • Automatic sharing of student information between District and BOCES
    • Student transfer capabilities between Districts/BOCES using
      CDOS Online
    • Secure login for students to view and modify their career plan
    • Quick and easy management of staff access to student records
    • Completely customizable data
    • Seamlessly integrate with your current policies and procedures
    • Dedicated development team responsive to our clients’ needs


    About Us

    Not only do we develop CDOS ONLINE, but we use it too!

    CDOS ONLINE was first built in 2013 to satisfy a need within our own organization to make sure our students were meeting the requirements set forth by New York State. Since its launch, the tool has grown and changed based on the feedback we have received from our clients. We believe that our clients know best how to support their students which is why we are always listening to suggestions on how we can improve CDOS Online. We pride ourselves on being responsive to our client’s needs, building a tool that works for everyone without losing sight of the end goal: giving our students the best possible chance for success in their future.

    * For more information, see: http://www.p12.nysed.gov/ciai/multiple-pathways/memos/cdos-graduation-pathway-option.html

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