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  • What is Covered?

    Almost anything coming into your building or things that you are sending your students out to, that can then be tied back to the NYS Arts learning standards.

  • What is Arts in Ed?

    The BOCES Arts-in-Education service is a highly effective way in which school districts in New York State can provide arts-in-education enrichment programming while earning BOCES aid. This service is designed to provide resources and incentives for schools to integrate the arts throughout all of the NYS Standards areas. 

  • The BOCES Arts-in-Education CoSer is not

    • A discount
    • A grant program
    • Funds held by the AIE program
    • Free money 

    What cannot be covered:

    • Food
    • Travel
    • Lodging
    • Supplies
  • Why should you use Arts-in-Ed?

    For every dollar spent in Arts-in-ed, your district generates state aid for the following year based on your district's Resident Weighted Average Daily Attendance (RWADA). This incentivizes districts to support programs that they otherwise could not afford and can also help build program funds to sustain less-than-ideal budget years. 


    Professional Development

    We also provide professional development support, curriculum development, resources, information, connections and best practices to promote student achievement and support in all mediums of the arts.



    We are constantly working to advocate locally, at the state level and nationally, to support funding, staffing and acceptance of the arts as a core curriculum area. We do this through building relationships with our NYS Education Department leaders, holding leadership roles in the statewide networks and active participation at national conferences. We are often collaborating with leaders of the other statewide teacher associations to help promote or support their initiatives that often are in line with our goals.