Advanced Metal Manufacturing

  • Program Description

    Advanced Metal Manufacturing will introduce students to the skills and training of design, machining, fabricating and welding. Using engineering drawing techniques and CAD-CAM software, students will design projects starting with raw materials such as steel, aluminum and brass. Machine tools and fabricating equipment will then be used to assemble projects.

    Program Length

    Two years

    Industry Alignment

    National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) Standards; Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) standards

    Integrated Academic Coursework

    Career and Financial Management (1/2 credit)

    Math (1/2 credit per year)

    4+1 Pathway Option

    NIMS-Machining Level 1

    College Credit Opportunities

    Articulation Agreement: Lincoln Technical Institute; Dual Credit: Cayuga Community College: MMT 101 Machine Tools I

    Credential Opportunities

    NIMS – Machining Level 1 – Measurement, Materials and Safety; 10-hour OSHA General Industry Safety & Health Credential; Technical Endorsement on Graduation Diploma

    Industry Assessments

    NIMS - Machining Level 1– Measurement, Materials and Safety Certification

    Program Supplies, Materials, Assessments Provided

    Work boots; safety glasses; 10-hour OSHA training certificate, NIMS Exam

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