CiTi Library Media Center

Library Schedule

  • To reserve library time for your class or group please complete a Google Form. This form is also used to schedule Ask the Librarian online sessions.

    Teachers can fill out this form to request reference interviews for their students. The reference interview is set to 15 - 20 minutes but can be longer if needed or a longer session can be requested. Please put the student name in the details question along with any details the student will share.

    A reference interview is a conversation between a librarian and a library user, usually at a reference desk, in which the librarian listens and responds to the user's request for information and then by directing the user to appropriate information resources. This is not limited to research and can be any topic that the student would like more information on.

Library Sign-In

  • We want to make the library as welcoming as possible, so we're using a paperless sign in system. Whenever students enter the library, they simply enter their ID number. They check the reason(s) they are visiting the library and leave their pass in the box on the desk.

    Teachers who want to be sure that the students they sent to the library with a pass actually made it to the library can check the sign in sheet online.